The first record of Divcibare as a village settlement was found in the Turkish inventory of Smederevo province from 1476. It was mostly a settlement of cattle breeding households, but there is no mention of a church from this period.


There was an initiative for building a church before the Second World War, made by Serbian Orthodox Church officials (Nikolai Velimirovich of Ohrid and Zicha), but unfortunately it had been waiting for many decades until it was finally materialized. Foundations of the church had been laid in the spring of 1996, and it was opened in 2000 and blessed in 2001 by His Holiness Archbishop Lavrentije. Divcibare church is dedicated to a Greek saint, a young doctor from Nikomidia who was known as a miraculous healer in the name of Christ and who had been killed on that very day in 304.

The church building was constructed by Tihomir Drazić, an architect from Valjevo and painted and decorated by Ljuban Maric and Rade Saric.