Mionica is a small town located in the mountainous part of Western Serbia at the foot of Maljen and Suvobor mountains. Due to its tremendous natural beauties, rural tourism is extremely developed in this municipality especially in the villages of Berkovac, Popadic and Planinica.

Some of the popular tourist sites are Ribnica Cave, Salitra (Potassium nitrate) Cave, the River Ribnica and its canyon, Ribnica Monastery, swimming pools in Lepenica, Banja Vrujci spa resort and the Memorial House of one the biggest Serbian military strategists Duke Zivojin Misic.


The Natural stone exploited in Mionica and its nearby villages is widely known, especially Struganik plate stone.


The territory of this small municipality is also rich in mineral thermal springs. The best known are in Banja Vrujci and Lepenica. These mineral waters have many therapeutic effects and are used for bathing and treating many conditions.

The absence of factories and major industries has preserved the natural beauty of this region.