Monastery Dokmir is located in the village of the same name, near Brankovina, a famous historical place.

Some of the architectural features of the monastery olace it at the end of the 14th century or beginning of the 15th century. The church was renovated in 1734 and was damaged the same year by an earthquake. The next year it was renovated again and given a tile roof.

Dokmir monastery had an eight-year elementary shool until 1788 when it was set on by fire by Mahmud-pasha Busatlija.

monastery Dokmir

In the second half of the 18th century there lived Haji Ruvim who founded a paintings and wood-carving school. One of his students was a painterPeter Nikolajevic Moler, later on one of Black Georges dukes.

The monastery became a parish church in 1837 and remained it till the end of 20th century. In mid 1992 after the destruction of Zitomislic monastery in Herzegowina by the Croats the nuns from that monastery moved to Dokmir with theis spiritual father Jovan.

The Dokmir monastery is a single nave structure with a circular dome over the central part. Inside the church are icons from the end of the18th century.

Dokmir is a convent.