Lelic monastery is located in the village of the same name near Valjevo (11 km). It is the endowment of Bishop Nikolaj and his father Dragomir Velimirovic.

The church is a modest structure in wich the Morava style is permeated with new architectural solutions. It has a cruciform base with a dome over the central part of the church. It is built of stone, brick and travertine. In front of the church is a large bell tower with the church resident.

The frescoes are based on the ideas of Bishop Nikolaj. This painting is unusual in the content and it contains the theological interpreations of Bishop Nikolaj. The scene of the Last Judgment dominates the interwoven biblical events. The iconostasis dates from the same time as the church.

Životopis je urađen po zamisli Vladike Nikolaja Velimirovića. Crteži su neobični i sadrže bogoslovsko tumačenje Vladike Nikolaja. Scena Strašnog Suda dominira nad ostalim biblijskim događajima, a ikonostas potiče iz istog vremena kao i sama crkva.

On May 12, 1992, the earthly remains of Bishop Nikolaj were brought from the monastery of St. Sava in Libertyville, Illinois USA to the Lelic Church.

monastery lelic

The churchyard has a chapel, the endowment of Bishop Nikolaj as well.

In 1991 a museum was opened within the monastery complex dedicated to the memory of Bishop Nikolay ,one of the greatest minds among the bishops of the Serbian Orthodox Church.

Bishop Nikolaj Velimirovic was a great educator, Doctor of Philosophy from Oxford, author of large numbers of religious and philosophical works.

The monastery has an icon painting and woodcarving workshop.