Due to the specific terrain of Divicbare area, with mild slopes leading to its peaks, it has a favorable, temperate climate.

The research of the climate of Divcibare plateau began in 1929. On the basis of observations conducted over a longer period of time it was established that it has a favorable average year temperature, with autumn average above the spring average temperature which confirms its favorable climatic conditions.

The average precipitation is around 924mm. February and September are the driest months with the level of precipitation of only 41mm to 51mm. The average number of precipitation days is 126.3.

divcibare the climate and therapy area

There are 289 days/year without wind, and the average wind speed is 4.4m/sec. The annual average of 55% of cloudiness also indicates a lot of sunshine. Due to its favorable climate and following the conclusion of The Serbian Climate Institute-Balneo from 1953, Divicibare locality can be used in therapeutic purposes.

According to the conclusion of this Institute Divcibare can be used for treatments of the following conditions:

  • Lung disorders
  • Conditions with neurovegetative disorders (neurocirculatory asthenia, hyperthyroidism)
  • General disorders: asthenia, low body weight, Hypo chromic anemia
  • Dermatoses treated with heliotherapy