The land relief and terrain in Divicibare plateau provides an easy access to all its peaks and tops without putting too much effort, therefore hiking and walking are the favorite pastime of its guests.

Hiking trails

Here is a suggested list of hiking trails and walking routes:

  • A 30 minute walk to Crno Polje, Paljba, Mali Golubac and Strazara
  • A 45 minute walk to Velika Pleca, vucji Mramor and Veliki Golubac
  • A 60 minute walk to Lazova Kosa
  • A 90 minute walk to Osecanska Straza
  • A 120 minute walk to Veliko Brdo, Pear and Skakalo waterfalls (a strenuous trail recommended only to younger and fitter persons)
  • A 150 minute walk to Mali Maljen
  • A 180 minute walk to Veliki Maljen

divcibare walking trails