Divcibare accommodation – Important tourist accommodation facilities on Divcibare are Divcibare hotels, apartments, hotel Maljen and hotel Pepa, villas, rooms, cottages, private accommodation, motel Zmaj, IMT and PTT, hotel of Valjevo Mountaineering Association Magles and car camp Breza.

As Divcibare is ideal place for rehabilitation of children, there are several resorts for children.

When it comes to accommodation facilities Divcibare boasts with excellent tourist offer whether it comes to private accommodation in Divcibare (apartments, rooms, villas, cottages) or hotel accommodation. The number of tourist facilities that are intended for the accommodation of guests is constantly increasing, as new villas apartments and rooms in private the accommodation are more numerous, just like cottages on Divcibare, which is of great importance, bearing in mind that Divcibare is a favorite tourist destination for many domestic and foreign tourists.

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Accommodation on Divcibare is divided by the relevant respective categories, so that all the visitors of this web presentation are able to easily and quickly find the appropriate accommodation.

Divcibare accommodation, categories:

  • private accommodation
  • villas
  • apartments
  • rooms
  • otels
  • cottages
  • resorts

This internet portal shows only accommodation on Divcibare whose owners have requested and approved the displaying the same. All other informations such as the cost of accommodation, access to available dates, type of accommodation and any other necessary informations related to accommodation on the Divcibare mountain can only be found directly from the owners, if this information is not found on the site.

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