There is a considerate number of plant species on Maljen Mountain. Divcibare plateau is well known for its soft grassy meadows and the above mentioned coniferous forests.

Coniferous species – Scots pine, Pinus Nigra, fir, juniper, mountain pine (pinus mugo)-can all be found in Divcibare and Maljen area. There is also a curious bunch of mountain pine trees in the very center of Divcibare settlement, although this species grow at altitudes of more than 2,000m and this is not a creation of a man. The most common deciduous tree species are oak tree, ash, manna ash, common hazel, sycamore maple, common hornbeam and Turkish hazel which is a rare species since it represents the remainder of the Tertiary period.

divcibare flora

Most of the year, Divcibare is covered in flowers. When the snow starts melting in March you can see and smell wonderful odors of Daphne blagayana, Common heather and Saffron.

Daffodil, the most beautiful flower of the mountain appears at the end of April and the beginning of May. At the full blooming swing of the daffodils somewhere in Mid-May, Maljen meadows provide an outstanding scene for the tourists – soft green meadows with waves of delicate white flowers. This particular species of daffodils growing on Maljen Mountain is called Poet’s Daffodil.


Other flower species worth mentioning are early purple orchid, gentian and some endemic species like Bosnian iris and Adriatic iris.

There is also a lot of forest fruit like blueberry, wild strawberry, blackberry and wild raspberry.